In olden days, people from wealthy family and who live in the posh society use to gather in one of the houses to spend time. They slowly started gambling and made it a point to meet often to have fun time by engaging themselves in gambling. Later they built a separate house and dedicated it for gambling. People who are interested in gambling can take part. After some time, when money started flowing in from gambling through the house, they decided to furnish the house completely with all possible facilities. Later such houses were named casinos. Slowly casinos became popular in all parts of the world.

Slot machines were introduced and they found that it was one of the favorite of many and it became the most important gambling games of all. One more interesting thing about slot machine is that it keeps people busy for quite a long period. As it is not possible to have different slot machine, they started to look out for various ways. At this junction, with the help of internet, online casinos were introduced and they slowly started to gain popularity.

With online casinos, people need not step out of their house, with the comfort of their house they can play and wage. The payback odds and percentage are mostly similar to that of physical casinos. Rules and regulations followed to play online games are as same as traditional casinos.

Online casinos are divided in to three main types, they are download based casinos, web based casinos, and live casinos. In download based casinos requires players to download certain types of software, so that they can play online and win different odds. In Web based casinos, mostly websites will be directly offering online games. Download based is much faster when compared to web based. In Live casinos, player get to interact with other players and dealers, it is more like playing in a real casino environment. This is one of the latest additions to online casinos.

Different games are offered by online casinos which include Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, Online Slot Games, Roulette, Online Poker and many more. Most of these online games offer bonuses to the players. The bonus are nothing but incentive to the players. Every bonus scheme will have different terms and conditions and some condition may be the same like wagering requirements and restrictions. Normally all casinos impose wagering requirements on players just to thwart them from withdrawing the amount. If a player wants to withdraw the bonus amount, then he or she has to play and wage a particular amount.

When it comes to online casino bonuses, there are chances for fraudulent behaviour from both the player and casino. Such casinos are normally blacklisted in many online casino forums and portals.  “No Deposit Bonus” is one type of bonus that is quite popular among online players. Generally bonuses are offered by casinos to attract more people. The first deposit bonus is given to the players in order to thank them for joining the online casino. But for the old players and existing players, casinos offer loyalty bonuses. The rules and regulations for withdrawing bonuses vary from one casino to another.