All about RTG Casino Bonus Codes

Before you play at RealTime Gaming (RTG) casinos, it pays to know all about RTG bonus codes. After all, you do want to take advantage of these great opportunities to earn more money with free money. Plus, when it comes to freebies in this world, it is to your best interests to take advantage of them especially when these advance your own personal interests!

RTG bonus codes are used to claim bonuses that are provided on a regular basis by RTG casinos. You receive these bonuses as rewards for being a regular and loyal player, a feature not often found in offline casinos.

Types of Bonuses

AT RTG casinos, you can avail of many types of bonuses. With each bonus, you will feel more compelled, more encouraged and more motivated to play, to win and to be richer. It is a positive cycle that you will want to be part of.

You can take advantage of new player/welcome bonus, match promotions, game specific bonuses and comp offers. Depending on the type of bonus, you must either register for it or become eligible without actively registering for it. For example, in a welcome bonus with deposit, you have to register with the online casino to avail of a specific dollar amount for every deposit made. Another example, if you play in any of the online casino games, you are automatically entitled to the comp bonus offers.

These bonuses can either be expressed in a certain percentage or in a specific amount. For example, when you deposit $100, you will receive a 50 percent bonus, thus, adding up to $150.

Steps to Claim Bonuses

Well, of course, you have to be a registered member of the online casino before you can avail of the RTG bonuses and be eligible for said bonuses. Bonus coupon codes are usually advertised in the online casino itself and through newsletters and e-mail alerts so it is always best to check in to your account and visit the website just to be sure that you can take advantage of bonuses as these come.

To redeem your bonus coupons, you just click on the appropriate logo/icon to log in, click on the “Bank” and then “Redeem Coupon” icons. Keep in mind that RTG bonus codes are case sensitive. You can then make your deposit, if it is required, leave the bank and start playing!

Applicable Rules of the Bonuses

There are rules to be followed when it comes to RTG bonus codes. These will usually vary from one RTG online casino to the next but the following rules are common to almost every one of them:

* Only one bonus amount is allowed for every account, every family, every household and every computer. The RTG software will detect any violations of this rule and will act accordingly.
* Your casino account must have a valid e-mail address and telephone number before the bonus codes can be availed of.

Just be sure to read the terms and conditions of the RTG bonus codes at these apply to the specific RTG casino. This way, you can take full advantage of said bonus codes.

Indeed, when you know all about RTG bonus codes, your online gaming experience becomes more exciting, more profitable and more fun!

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