First Deposit Bonus


The online casino games attract the players by offering various different types of bonuses. All the bonuses available are not created equal. The different types of bonuses offered by online casino is first deposit bonus, cashable bonus, sticky bonus, cash back bonus, no deposit bonus, etc.

The first and most profitable bonus provided by online casino is the casino sign up bonus also known as the first deposit bonus or the welcome bonus. Only one sign up bonus can be collected for each site where you sign up. When you sign up at any particular online casino site that offers sign up bonus and when you make your first deposit, you shall be eligible for the bonus. You need to keep a watch for high percent-match bonuses. These bonuses double, triple, and sometimes even quadruple your deposit. These bonuses created by every online casino helps in attracting the new players to play at their sites.

Sign up bonuses or first deposit bonuses are the most common type of bonuses. The First deposit casino bonuses vary. They have different structures, but differ in terms of the match percentage and the maximum bonus amount. A few of the casino online also have a first deposit bonus for a fixed deposit amount, for example $100 free if you deposit $20. Most of the online casinos offer new players this bonus so that a player could try their casino software and games.

The site too provides you with the first deposit bonus. There are more chances for you to win with the wide range of bonuses and promotions offered by the Red Moon – Online Casino. No other online casino provides you with the remarkable choices offered by red moon casino. By opening a new account with red moon you get a bonus of 100% on your first deposit that is, your first deposit bonus. The maximum first deposit bonus offered by red moon casino is $200 and the minimum is $25. This free bonus is automatically added to your first deposit. This bonus at is available similarly in all currencies.

First deposit bonuses always have terms and conditions which differ from casino to casino. Hence, it is usually advisable to read the terms and conditions carefully before playing. The aim of providing first deposit bonus to the players was to provide free money to the players for signing up at the casino, so that they shall more likely be able to experiment with the games that they are not used to. And if the amount offered is huge then the players might sign up to play where they did otherwise be more cautious.

The first deposit bonus can be of different size and may require different amount of money to be deposited.  To encash the winnings there are different staking requirements. Staking requirements means that to get you winnings you must make initially make deposits and even play for real money for certain times. The bigger the amount of the sign up bonus offer by casino the higher shall be the staking requirements. This is usually the case but not always.


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