I’m looking for a casino so i can take their bonus using basic strategy at blackjack?

I want to put in money recieve a % bonus and play basic strategy through out the playthrough amount them when I have reached that amount I withdraw my money. If the bonus is high enough and the play through is low enough it is profitable as you only lose approx 1-2% of your total bets. I just need the best casino to do this at.

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  1. The Big List of Casino Bonus Codes has all the top blackjack bonuses

    Slots Oasis, Cherry Red and Rushmore all have special blackjack bonuses of 200% match

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  2. GamblingMaster April 16, 2010 at 8:32 am

    Ladbrokes have one of the best bonuses that you can clear. More info here http://www.bettingwise.com/ladbrokescasino.html

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  3. This is called “hustling sign up bonuses”

    To be successful, you need to figure
    1. the amount of cash value the casinos gives you as a promotion
    2. the expected amount of loss as a result of putting the minimum amount of money into action based on the required play to cash out the promotional bonus.

    1. Figuring the amount of cash the casinos gives you is easy.
    2. To figure the amount of expected loss, you need to first multiple the cash out requirement as specified by the terms on the website by the amount of oney it applies to toe get the total bets you must make. Once you have figured out the total dollar amount of bets you must make, then you multiply it by the hosue advantage of the game you are playing, In blackjack, it usually falls around 0.4-0.7% with basic strategy the house advantage will vary based on the rules, you can use this link to figure the hosue advantage of a game in question.

    so again, to figure the amount you are expecting to lose, you multiply the house edge by the amount fo money you are gogin to put into action.

    When you have both, you can see if they are giving you more money than you are expecting to lose, if they are giving you more money, the difference between those two numbers is the amount you are expectign to walk away with when all is said and done.

    NOTE, that online casinos, use infinate deck games to get odds from that link you should add 0.03% to the numbers you get from selecting 8 decks to get a more accurate representation of an infinate deck game.

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  4. divide by 3…..what can possibly happen ? A) play a thousand hands for a dollar win one lose one win one lose one…you break exactly even never being up or down more than ten dollars; cash out ; take the 100 dollar bonus…B) play a hundred hands, hit some naturals and double down and your up $120.oo….screw the bonus/ take the cash C) play a hundred hands, lose many double downs and splits and you’re down $120.oo….now, just to try to get even you need to deposit more money and chase loses and play 900 more hands to get the 100 dollar bonus…you need a better plan

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