Live Casino Bonus Offers

With the immense growth of the online casino games numerous casinos are coming up. At the same time there is stiff competition among them for capturing the market. With this objective they are trying to retain their valued customers who are regular visitors and at the same time trying to attract new customers. The process is one of retaining the base while adding new and thus expanding the consumer database numerically every time. To this end their best medium is the live casino bonus that helps them not only attract the new viewers and customers to their site but also retain the existing customers enhancing their interest in the live casino games.

One of the most common methods to lure the viewers and gamers all over the casino world is the sign up live casino bonus. This means when you make the first deposit that carries a capping limit the casino house will provide you a matching deposit. Many casinos offer 100% bonus offer depending on the upper limits of such offers fixed under their house rules. However when it comes to lifting the bonus won, most of the casinos require that you make minimum wager in the games. Such wagering is important for calculating your bonus. For instance if you have won a bonus, before you can withdraw it some of the casinos will require you to wager at least 20 times of your initial deposits in real money games.

Sometimes the providing casinos also make it point to exclude certain games from the calculation of the wagering requirements. Thus your wagers in the games of baccarat, craps, roulette as well as sic bo will not count towards meeting the wagering requirements. This means if the casino requires you to play 25 times of initial deposits and you have played 15 times in one of the games mentioned above, they will not count as fulfilling the wagering requirements. Thus when a player deposits $50 he will start with $100 in his account because the 100% sign up live casino bonus offered by the casino house will be added to it. However to withdraw either your wins or bonus in the game you will have to play at least $2500 in wager that is 25 times of your initial deposits of $50.

Good news for you is that there is also live casino bonus that does not require you to make any deposits. These deposits could by any of the following types:

- There may be no deposits in monetary form.
- Free spins without deposits in particular games where they allow the players to retain their winnings.
- You may be allowed to play for a pre determined period of time with some particular amount of dollars.

Common type of live casino bonus is the cashable bonus. They can be cashed after completion of the prefixed wager requirements. As in the previous example, where the requirement is 25 times the initial deposit and your initial deposit is $50, you can cash your bonus after wagering for $2500. However the downside is that some games are restricted. It means that your participation in these games will not count for the fulfillment of wagering requirements to claim your bonus. Normally roulette, baccarat, sic bo, and the craps are excluded from the permissible games lists.

Bonus in live casino games is an attraction that few can resist just as you cannot resist your elation at getting bonus for your performance in your job.

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