Online Casino For Dummies From An Industry Insider

There are many people out there who would love to be involved in the wonderful world of online casinos and sit back and watch as Las Vegas itself enters their own homes.

There are also many people who are just a little bit apprehensive and unsure of the best way to do it.

What are the pitfalls? What should you be looking out for? Well yes as with anything it would be fair to say you do have to be a little careful or you could end up down a dark alley wondering how you got there. There are some steps you can take to ensure you end up on the sunny side of online casino fun and more importantly casino winnings.

There are many many resources out there in cyber world and you should absolutely use them. Some have histories going back as far as 83 years operating gambling businesses and to last that long in an industry where trust is everything says a lot about them.

Ok so your ready to start your journey, first step depends where you live, well it actually depends if you live in the United States or not as you choices are different. All the sites that review and certify online casinos as safe will tell you if the casino in question accepts American players, your first step would be to carry out a google search for “casino poker bingo reviews” and choose a site to get your information from, we choose casino poker and bingo as the search term because if a site can handle all of them it should be amongst the best.

Next you should make a nice cup of coffee and accept that you should dedicate a little time to reading the site properly and arming yourself with as much information as possible. One of the best things to look for is a news button as this will always be the most up to date information.

Next you must decide which is the best casino welcome bonus for you, yes there are that many you have a choice. The best type of casino bonus for new players is what is known as a no deposit casino bonus, this means that you have to deposit none of your own money at all and the casino will deposit real cash into your newly opened casino account.

The next common casino bonus is what is known as a match bonus, with this type of bonus the casino will match the amount you deposit so if you deposit fifty dollars the casino will make your account balance one hundred dollars and so on.

It should be mentioned that the casinos currently offering the free no deposit casino bonus will also give you a match bonus when you do make that first deposit with your own money.

With me so far? It may pay to go back and read that short bonus section again just to be sure you get it, it is your money we are talking about after all.

Ok so you have carried out the google search, selected a site to choose your casino from and now you have clicked the banner proved to take you there, it is important to use the banners on the comparison sites or you may not be eligible for the bonuses when you get to the casino.

Now it actually gets simpler from here believe it or not. The casinos online have invested so much in the latest technology the next steps are a breeze. You need to find what is known as the call to action, this will be a button or a link and will be titled sign up, play now, join now or something similar. Yes it would be easier if all casinos used the same terminology but this is the casinos front door so it should not be hard to find.

Once you have clicked this you will have to download the software. This will be fast as you do not download it all in one go as in days gone by and most casinos will enable you to carry out the registration process while the download is happening.

Remember you selected this casino by using a review site that you can trust so your download will be absolutely safe, go it on your own and dont choose a certified casino and you may not be so safe.

Now your account is open, you absolutely must use real user information when you sign up. This is a financial transaction but more than that this information is a very important step in keeping out under age gamblers so lets all accept a little hardship in order to achieve this and protect our minors.

Your download will complete and will guide you step by step through the process of getting to the games. As we have said the casinos have invested millions in getting this software right. Incase you are wondering all the top sites random number generators and payout percentages are independently audited and are also checked by the comparison site, well those that certify only the best and are not simply a huge list of flashing banners adverts.

All that remains now is to follow your bonus instructions which should have been mailed to you, if you have any questions at all, no matter how minor they might seem you must contact customer support at the casino, this is what these people are paid to do and you will be shocked to find that their service will put to shame many a big conglomerate.

The last comment is to play safe, always play within your limits and most of all have fun while you are doing it.

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