Sign Up Bonuses Vs. Staggered Bonuses

Personally I find the number of different types of bonuses available confusing to the point of irritation. I mean really, how on earth am I supposed to know the difference between a free spin intro offer and a no deposit casino bonus; a monthly top up incentive and a first deposit match bonus? At the end of the day free is free, so if it’s being given to me it must be good, right?

Due to this some what naïve attitude coupled with the confusion regarding the many many many different types of bonuses, it turns out that I’ve been a bit of an idiot. It seems that I have made enough bad decisions for the entire online gaming community with regard to mis-understanding the values of bonuses, and I’ve decided to share my insights with the world in the hope that my mistakes won’t be repeated.

I really went wrong when I got sucked into one off sign-up bonuses. This is how it would go; I’d say, “oh look they’re giving me $100 for free, I’ll go there”. What I didn’t do was look to see what the terms and conditions were of those sign up bonuses; I also didn’t look to see what the ongoing bonuses and promotions were. So, I am now registered with several sites, all of which, have my payment details, have credit of mine in them, however it is credit that I can not withdraw due to something to do with wagering requirements; plus I’ve since given these sites more money even though they only gave me a one off bonuses, just because I was registered with them, so now on my second and third deposit it’s all a one way street – I give they receive.

The error of my ways has now been pointed out to me; staggered promotions are better. A staggered promotion will be a deposit match bonus but instead of matching just one deposit, it will match the first 3, 4 or sometimes even 5, either with a 100% match or a smaller percentage. The advantage of this type of bonus over the one off sign-up bonus is that it commands sustained interest in the site, but it also allows you, or rather me, to spread out my ‘free play’ and really make the most of it. A further advantage of the staggered bonus is that it is usually left for the player to decide when to take advantage, meaning that the player does not have to take the bonus at a particular time but rather he will get the bonus whenever he chooses to make his second deposit, or third deposit etc. This enables for more control of one’s own bankroll taking the bonus credit into account.

I’ve discovered that the big sign up one off promotions are good, but the glitz of the bonus tarnishes quickly and what is left is usually not that impressive.

I really hope this information is useful.

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