The Good, the bad, and online casino bonuses

You cannot miss them, they are everywhere and anywhere. The big banners displaying great offerings of No Deposit Bonuses, Get $10 Free Here and 100% Match Bonus upto $250! The offers go on and on and the bonuses get higher and higher.

The attraction is very obvious, everyone wants something for free, the majority of people live by it, but once you delve further into the online bonuses that are being offered and read the small print, the word shocked is sometimes an understatement.

Most online casinos will offer you a bonus match. This means if one deposits $100, you are given a further $100 meaning your account has a nice lump sum of $200 to play with, sounds great and in reality it is, to the patient gambler.

With the $200 you now have, wagering requirements set out in the terms and conditions require you to wager/bet the $200 sometimes up to an incredible forty times. In Lehmans terms this therefore means you will not be able to withdraw any funds until your total post has risen up to a total of $8000! And that is only if you have definately wagered the bonus forty times.

In effect you are placing $200 on the Black of a roulette table 40 times in a row, and win, before you can withdraw and spend the money on something other than online gambling, a Harry Potter book or a mini City break are good examples.

Thankfully there are many online casinos, (English Harbour Casino is a good example) that are happy to provide you with less of a wagering requirement. There are such casinos that will offer from 20 to 25 times the wager before you may withdraw and some have been known, particularly for the high rollers, to provide a stunning 15 time bonus.

The 15 Bonuses can be hard to find but it certainly makes life a lot easier at when playing at your favourite Flash Casinos . The total you would required to muster in this scenario would therefore be $3000, which, with $200 could be very feasable with a lot of patience and a bit of good luck!

Overall there are some very good bonus offers available, the secret, if it is one, is to find a good bonus offer that comes with an added bonus of limited wagering requirements, it will take a bit of time reading through some of the terms and conditions but you are guaranteed to be far happier having done so, and you will feel more in control of what you have deposited and what your long term objective will be.

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