Live Dealer Casino Games Advantages and Disadvantages

If you’re wondering whether or not you should sign up to and start playing an online live dealer casino game, one way to quickly end your pondering is to know a little about the advantages and disadvantages that different online live dealer games actually have. Read ahead for a few words on this topic and perhaps it will make your decision easier when it comes to choosing either a live dealer casino or a conventional online casino.

Live dealer blackjack

The main advantage of playing blackjack at a live online casino is that because you know exactly how many people are playing at the casino and where in the betting sequence you stand, you can potentially make predictions about the probability of getting certain cards just as you would in a land based casino. Of course this is pretty difficult to do especially given the fact that most casinos now use 6 decks or more, but it is none the less a possibility. The other great advantage to playing live dealer blackjack is that you can talk to the other players and it really becomes a social event.

Live dealer baccarat

Playing baccarat in a live dealer casino has huge advantages over playing the game at a conventional online casino with a static or animated table because being able to actually see the dealer and see the way he uses the table means you can get much more familiar with the game, and in turn, improve your baccarat skills much more than if you couldn’t see the dealer’s movements.

While there are several other games out there that live dealer play is available for, blackjack and baccarat are the two most popular. Aside from the immediate benefits to your gaming skills, playing any casino game in a live environment is about much more than just playing the game and developing your skills, it’s also about the social elements of gaming. Playing in a live dealer casino gives you a social involvement in casino gaming that the typical online casinos have never before provided.

You should never underestimate the importance of the social aspect of gaming. Being able to talk to and correspond with other players is a great way to discuss playing strategies and put your minds together to figure out the best way to approach games. One possible downfall of live dealer casinos, however, is the fact that because they are live and other people are actually playing them at the same time you are, you might find that you won’t always be able to join a game whenever you want. Sometimes, if you are looking to play one of the really popular games like blackjack, you will have to wait quite a long time before being able to take a seat at the table.

What is recommended doing in these instances is to have two casinos open at the same time. If you have two live casinos open on your computer, chances are that one of the two casinos will have open seats at a given game. If you find that there are no open seats at a blackjack table at one casino simply switch to the other casino and try there. Using live casinos like this is not only convenient it also maximizes the social aspect to games; enabling you to meet more people than if you were simply playing at one casino at a time.

So as you can see online casinos with live dealer games have advantages and some disadvantage, but I think you’ll agree that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. If you still can’t make up your mind, do not rush. Find a casino with live dealer games offering no deposit casino bonus and give it a try. You’ll probably choose in favor of online live casinos over the non-live variety.

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